Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have a weekly ritual of drawing at the LA ZOO every Wednesday afternoon. This week, me and a few friends are going to bring blank layouts so we can draw animals over em. Mine is above. I haven't watercolored in a while but I like how this turned out.

I might as well throw in some watercolor hints so I don't forget:
1. Lay down every color in a palette you want to use before you put anything on paper. Think of the pallette as a color thumbnail of the whole painting.
2. If you use pan watercolors, sprinkle all the paints with water before you start.
3. Lay down simple large compositional areas with a lot of water. Most washes look best with a lot of water that just dry as a puddle on top of paper, so you want to aim for that in mind.
4. Things that need a lot of paint & texture look cripser if you paint it on with a dry brush The brush technique is actually more in line with stamping. Its probably better to use acrylics in this case.
5. Be as sparse with strokes as possible.

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